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  • Sort: Silicone enhanced gel battery for electric vehicles (SP)
  • Patented technology: The silicone compound electrolyte is environmentally friendly.
  • Long battery life: Under normal operation and usage, Greensaver batteries are able to last up to more than 350 deep cycles.
  • Minimal self discharge: First month 4%.declines after the second month,maintains at 90% after a year.
  • Low internal resistance: High temperatures do not generate easily during charging.
  • Low temperature usage: It can keep more than 80% of the total capacity under -10℃.
  • Optimized for high current discharges: Greensaver batteries are able to dischare 30C in 8 seconds.
Price: $32.90

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Model SP6-12
Voltage (V) 12
Capacity (AH) 6(2HR)
Length 151mm
Width 65mm
Height 95mm
Total Height 100mm
Weight 2.5kg